milkin' it

"so casey, do you think it's a good idea to not post anything for like six months and then post two on the same night?"
"yes, i do"


no cartoon? damn you, seth rogan.

it's been a long time since i posted a funny little cartoon. i got a new computer and i have yet to find a good (read:free) copy of photoshop with which to do my cartooning. but that isn't the whole story... i was recently dealt a blow to my creative confidence by my old nemesis, Hollywood. i'm by sure that by now most of you have seen the film "Superbad", as it is a hilarious movie, and you people know funny. HOWEVER, if you have not, i am not ruining anything for you if i tell you that the movie prominently features a series of dick drawings. really good ones. funny ones. dick drawings, while not my invention and by no means a copyrighted feature of Ceesick Entertainment and Fish Delivery LTD, are my bread and butter. and since witnessing a theater full of people (none of whom are on my lj friends list) laughing uproariously at the onscreen cocks in Superbad, i feel....impotent. so to make myself feel better, and until i muster up the stones to get back on the dick-horse, here is a list of other movie ideas that Hollywood stole from me:

the truman show: for a while, i actually believed that Hollywood did actually rip this from my brain. when i was 12 or 13 i thought that a movie about a guy who live his whole life in view of the rest of the world, but was unaware of it himself, would be really great. turns out it was just ok.

harold and kumar go to white castle: i had originally titled it "casey and maria argue about who is going to take the dog out at 5 am " but it was basically the same story.

on deadly ground: steven seagal actually beat this idea out of me. and under siege 2. not under siege 1, though. he sure did change my essence.


this one is trazadone's memory. she says i should have made the boner bigger. live and learn. i've never been very good at drawing ladies. i think that makes me at least a little gay. that, and the 3 dudes i'm blowing as i type this. EDIT: i just realized i should have made the BONERS touching in the mirror; instead of the fingers. that's way funnier. crap.